Everybody hates bike messengers. First of all, the profession attracts douchebags. Second of all, they’re a hazard on the road to drivers and pedestrians alike. Third of all, they always smell.

There hasn’t been a bike messenger movie in years; I’m thinking the last bike messenger movie I can think of (the only bike messenger movie?) is Quicksilver. But now there’s a brand new film that tackles the stinky, annoying subject of bike messengers, and it appropriately casts them as the villains!

Well, sort of. And by ‘well, sort of’ I mean well, sort of brand new and well, sort of casts them as the villains. There’s this script called C.O.D. (as in Cash On Delivery), and it was actually bought by Paramount/Dreamworks in 2008. Lars Jacobson wrote that one, but now Paramount has hired Carl Ellsworth to tackle the story. Ellsworth wrote Last House on the Left (the remake) and Red Dawn (the remake).

C.O.D. finds a bike messenger who is being forced by mysterious bad guys to plant three bombs, lest they plant a bomb on his family. The messenger must not only defeat the bad guys, he must evade a whole nation looking out for him – this sounds like about the least original story idea I’ve heard in a long time, which means it has mid-level studio programmer written all over it.

via the Hollywood Reporter