Cary Fukunaga got a lot of heat at Sundance with his violent Latin American gang film, Sin Nombre. Now he’s decided how he’s going to follow up that gritty picture and he’s chosen… Charlotte Bronte?

Yep. Fukunaga has signed on to direct the latest version of the oft-adapted Jane Eyre. This seems like a weird decision, but I love it. Change it up! If you’re lucky enough to get some attention with your first feature, don’t get boxed in. Try something new. And that’s just what Fukunaga is doing.

The gothic world of Jane Eyre couldn’t be further from the slums of Sin Nombre. For those of you with poor educations, Jane Eyre is the story of an orphan who, after much Victorian-era suffering, becomes the governess of a house where she falls in love with her lord, Rochester. There’s plenty of Gothic creepiness, and Fukunaga’s version will play that stuff up.

At one point Ellen Page was set to play Eyre, but she’s fallen out. Now that there’s a director it’s likely a leading lady will follow.

via Variety