Welcome to a slow news day! On a day like today’s Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada’s non-answers about Marvel movies at the Big Apple Comic Con become actual news stories.

So what did Joe say? Not much! Comic Book Resources provides us with all the info.

He is, surprisingly, pretty bullish on Captain America: The First Avenger. “I’ve seen a couple of outlines
and an initial screenplay, and it’s going to rock everyone’s socks
off,” he said. “It’s very unexpected, the kind of movie it is.” Quesada
added that “Captain America” sets up “The Avengers” in “a fantastic
way” and also mentioned that there is an undisclosed wish list of
actors to play the star-spangled superhero.

Joe is also very positive about the Marvel movies continuity working well.
Back on the subject of film,
Quesada was asked if some Marvel characters work better on film than
others. He used Blade as an example of a character that works very well
on film but not as well in comic books. The same fan asked Quesada if
he believed that continuity could truly be established from film to
film, prompting the editor-in-chief to identify Marvel Studios’ current
lead-up to “The Avengers” as proof that it’s possible. “It won’t be the
same exact continuity from the comics, but it’ll feel very much like
the Marvel continuity,” he said.

There you have it. I’m hoping that something real starts leaking about Marvel’s movies, especially Thor and Captain America. I’m getting antsy over here.