Let’s start things off right:

  • I don’t care for the American version of The Office one bit
  • My favorite movie stars both Bill Pullman and Ben Stiller
  • The Beatles? Eh, I could take or leave ‘em

There. Now that we’ve established that I am a horrible person whose opinions are somewhere in line with those of an inbred mongoloid (and not the fun, naked teen killin’ type), we can start my blog!

Why a blog?

I’ve asked myself that every single time I’ve started one up. It’s the most self-important form of writing one can do on the internet, of that much I think we’re all aware. For anyone to start one publicly it is officially stating, “Hey! I have opinions and problems that you should read about! I am important! Read my words and acknowledge me!” Blogs, put simply, are for attention whores.

I am an attention whore.

It’s funny. Even if nobody reads what I have to say, there’s a small comfort in knowing it’s out there for anyone to find. My mother found one of my old blogs once. Despite the sheer amount of personal and outrageous anecdotes I wouldn’t necessarily want my parents to read about present on that page, it didn’t bother me that she read them. Neither did it seem to bother her. She merely asked me to cut down on the swearing. I think many young men and women of my generation would find this “intrusion” upon their “personal space” mortifying. This is, as a reminder, the generation who puts every moment of their waking lives onto the internet with reckless abandon. Heaven forbid your parents google you.

Just think: Ten years ago that last sentence would make me sound amazingly perverted. Ah, how far we’ve come in the aughts.

But what do I plan to accomplish with this blog? That’s the question of the hour. As it’s appearing on CHUD, I would think an entertainment-based account would be almost mandatory. I’m just not sure what to focus on just yet. Mostly, I’m spinning my wheels, testing the waters, verbing some noun.

As it stands, this was a test entry, letting me get a feel for the system here. I think it works nicely enough as an introduction and look forward to the next installment. You know, the one where I actually come up with something worth talking about.