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10/21 – The Undercard is Moon Knight vs. UMD Media.

Photo by Tom Suitt.

“Hulk no like picture clear!”

“But sir it’s the highest quality on the planet.”

“Smash pretty screen!”

“But it cost $11,000 and it’s the crispest thing you’ll ever see.”

“Hulk hate seeing every detail of that face!”

“That’s Edward James Olmos, one of the country’s finest thespians.”

“Hulk smash uglyface and then leap to forest almost as fast as now!”


“Look what you did. And now there’s a mess to clean… oh and now you’ve become a little brunette man.”

“Unggggh. Hello? Oh I love Target! What aisle are your elastic purple pants on?
Also, these glass shards are a lawsuit waiting to happen.”