I was surprised when I heard that Rock of Ages, a jukebox musical made up of cheesy 80s hair metal/cock rock songs, was actually pretty good. I still haven’t seen the show (although I’m quite familiar with the soundtrack), so I can’t come down one way or another on the quality issue.

Whatever the quality of the stage show – which is about two rockers meeting at the Sunset Strip club Rock of Ages and trying to keep their love together throughout the worst decade known to man – don’t expect much from the movie version, as it’s being directed by Adam Shankman, auteur of films like The Pacifier, Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and Bedtime Stories. Shankman comes from a choreography background (he’ll be choreographer on Rock of Ages as well), and he’s also done a musical – the not terribly great adaptation of Hairspray.

The movie shoots next summer with a 2011 release date planned. Original show creator Chris D’Arenzio has written the script.

via Variety