One of the big factors in Paranormal Activity‘s monstrous success has been the way the film plays for audiences; this is a movie that is becoming a social phenomena, and it’s putting the event back in moviegoing. Paramount wants to make the film’s wide release this Friday even more of an event, so they’re offering free parties to the first ten movie theaters that sell out the Friday midnight show. That, of course, is the show that is either 11:59pm on Thursday October 22nd or 12:01am on Friday October 23rd, depending on your local theater’s listing style.

What’s the party? I don’t know. Maybe they’ll be raving on ancient Indian burial grounds or dancing on desecrated ground. Something fun and wacky and probably involving free posters and other swag.

In true Austin tradition the first theater to sell out the Friday midnight show is the Alamo Drafthouse; there are still nine slots open. You can get a big boo bash at your local theater by simply gathering a few hundred of your best friends and buying out your local theater. Click here to keep track of which theaters are selling out.