Yesterday I brought you my theory that Robert DeNiro and Jude Law, should they be in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, would be playing two of The Warriors Three, a trio of Asgardian gods. Today my theory gets a little bit of confirmation in a Movieline interview with Dominic Cooper where it’s revealed that the actor is reading for the role of Fandral, the most handsome member of the trio.

So The Warriors Three are in the movie. This is good news because I know that Branagh’s version of the script was very different from previous versions, which took place almost exclusively amongst the gods. Branagh’s film will be heavily set on Earth, but the presence of The Warriors Three hopefully means that we won’t be just getting Hercules in New York, Thor-style.

But if Cooper is reading for Fandral, what about Jude Law? It’s important to note that Movieline’s interview with Cooper was from a recent junket for An Education, while the GQ article that named DeNiro and Law as being in the film would have had a very long lead time – at least a month or two. It’s possible that during the publication phase of German GQ Law fell out, since if he’s going to be in The Warriors Three it just makes sense he’d be Fandral, the really good looking one.

Or perhaps Law is playing a totally different character. Loki has been cast, but there are still plenty of characters in the Thor-verse.

I have to be honest: this is some of my favorite news stuff. It’s not proper in a ‘journalist’ way, but all of the guesswork and clue-hunting makes me feel like a kid piecing together stories in Fangoria and Starlog.