Good news! They’re not remaking Monster Squad. They’re just stealing the title. Warner Bros has changed the name of a script that Brian Lynch wrote in 2000 from Nightcrawlers to Monster Squad, and they’ve set Mike Mitchell – who directed Sky High, which I heard is pretty good but still haven’t caught – to helm.

The script has apparently changed a bunch since the olden days of the early aughts, and Brad Copeland is the guy behind the new draft. Warner Bros ain’t talking about what the story is, but according to The Hollywood Reporter it’s ‘a
high-concept, big-budget, supernatural fantasy.’
It’s also supposedly funny.

I like the idea of just poaching the title from the library. There are too many remakes getting greenlit simply because the title kills, and we can stop that by moving towards a system where titles get reused. Let’s think of it as environmentally positive.

That said, I’d really like to see a remake of The Monster Squad, but only if the property ended up at Universal, where the real classic Universal Monsters could terrorize a generic group of screaming kids.