The Fockers franchise is out of hand. We need a way to end this thing, and I like the idea of Ben Stiller and his family getting together for Robert DeNiro’s funeral in This Focker is Dead. Has a ring to it, huh?

Until then we’re still staring down the barrel of Little Focker, in which Stiller and Teri Polo will have had a baby. The film has the usual suspects, including Blythe Danner and Owen Wilson, but last week Jessica Alba was announced and today it turns out that Laura Dern is looking to get at that money teat. She’ll be playing the headmistress of the school where the little Focker is enrolled. Do you think she’s stuffy and gets scandalized by what happens in the film or is she totally New Agey and goofy and humiliated by the end?

In the meantime – consider This Focker is Dead, Hollywood. Please?

via the Hollywood Reporter