Derek Mears, the man behind the mask in this year’s Friday the 13th remake, has joined the cast of Predators, the film Robert Rodriguez will pretend is directed by Nimrod Antal. He confirmed this at a horror convention this weekend, as reported by Shock Til You Drop.

He’ll probably be playing a Predator in the film, which is good for him from a fiscal point of view. Derek’s a great guy and should get lots of work. But Derek’s also a funny guy – he’s trained in improv – and an actual actor. It’s what made him, in my opinion, the best Jason Voorhess yet – the guy isn’t just a stuntman in a suit but a real actor, bringing real acting choices to the role. I would love to see Derek getting more roles where his face and his voice are featured. He and Doug Jones should pitch a buddy movie idea to someone. A buddy movie where they’re totally out of costume and make-up, of course.