Scoopers, I love you. But I don’t love when you send me a scoop that you’re sending to 30 other sites at the same time. So the excitement I got from opening my email Friday night to find a Green Lantern scoop quickly evaporated when I saw the dude had sent the same scoop to Harry at Ain’t It Cool.

The scoop? Jackie Earle Haley is up for the role of the villain in Green Lantern. Now, I don’t actually know if my source is the same as Harry’s, as mine tells me ‘the villain’ while Harry says ‘Sinestro,’ and my understanding is that at this stage of the game Hector Hammond is the villain in Green Lantern, not Sinestro, who may go bad by the end of the movie.

Could that be why Haley told Collider that this was the first he heard of being cast as Sinestro? After going through this business with Watchmen and A Nightmare on Elm Street, Jackie’s an old pro about the importance of keeping us in the dark on this stuff, and he may have learned the gangster’s skill of double-speaking without lying.