I gave the Belgian puppetoon movie A Town Called Panic a ten out of ten review (read it here), and if you’re in LA you’ll have a chance to see if I was correct… for free! This year the AFI Film Festival is simply giving away tickets to its films, starting in less than a half hour. And they have a pretty amazing line-up this year; the festival began five years ago and has been steadily getting better, reaching an all-new peak in 2009. Look at some of these films:

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnsassus
The Road
A Single Man
The Fantastic Mr. Fox
A Town Called Panic
The Hole
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
Fish Tank
Red Riding Trilogy
Youth in Revolt
Precious: Based on the Novel Push By Sapphire
The Neil Young Trunk Show

and that’s just a smattering.

You can get your FREE tickets by going here in a couple of minutes. I have no idea how quickly these will or won’t sell out, so don’t waste your time!