A cross-dressing Ryan Reynolds is worth some bucks, as the mere concept for a script written for Reynolds to star in, drew six to seven figures. A bidding war emerged for the script to be penned by Allan Loeb (writer of 21 and the upcoming Wall Street 2), and has resulted in an acquisition by Working Title Films.

The film, as Variety has it, is, “a dude-in-drag romantic comedy, with Reynolds playing a jilted lover who must disguise himself as a woman and befriend his ex in order to win her back.” …which reads like a perfectly normal and forgettable chick flick in-the-making- good for Reynolds to keep up his rom-com chops, I suppose.

Of course, Reynolds can’t pull a Tootsie until he’s done shooting Green Lantern for Warner Brothers. Everyone is having a good time re-reporting the news that Lantern is pulling out of Australian because of the weak dollar. Now it’s confirmed, even though we already knew it months ago (the only new news being that they might, maybe be looking at Mexico or Canada).

In any event, Ryan Reynolds is looking at strong times ahead, as he leads a major new franchise, and keeps up the chain of cheap, easy, and profitable rom-coms.

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