Just a couple of hours ago over a delicious and nutritious Waffle House breakfast on my vacation over here in Key West, I was talking with a friend over how overexposed zombies are getting. How the true terror of the concept- your former family members and friends turned into undead killing machines- had been abandoned, and now with Zombieland and the like we’ve grown so accustomed to them as a society that they’ve lost all their power. As he said, it’s the New Nightmare scenario all over again, and hopefully someone will bring it back for us.

So of course it was amusing to read my emails and see that the first DLC for Borderlands is all about the z-word.

While the eagerly anticipated game is hitting next week (October 20th), The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned will be hitting all platforms for download later on this year. The pack will cost 10 bucks and is the first in a series of expansions that Gearbox has planned for you.

Tasked with keeping the workers of Jakobs Cove alive, Dr. Ned (who is not related to Dr. Zed from Fyrestone) does his job a little too well, creating zombies and other abominations that now run rampant in this region. Players will have to work alongside Dr. Ned as they embark on a quest to cure the inhabitants of Jakobs Cove in this full-fledged expansion filled with new enemies, new quests and rare loot drops.

Love the look of it, and good to see that Gearbox is planning on fully supporting its title. With the four-player co-op this one could be getting a lot of play in the months to come.