Moviehole is reporting that the highly dreaded Beverly Hills Cop 4 will be bringing back another member of the original ensemble. No, not Bronson Pinchot or Ronny Cox, but rather John Ashton as Taggart, partner to Judge Reinhold’s Rosewood (although partner no more, as Taggart had retired). Oh, goody! They managed to secure the elusive Ashton!

Lorenzo Di Bonaventura tells the site that he’s looking forward to making this one not suck, which I guess is a nice change of pace after the soul-killing Beverly Hills Cop III. Still, I don’t know that bringing back Taggart is the answer. How about a good script? I’ve read the script by Derek Haas and Michael Brandt and it stinks on ice.

Of course, I’ve also heard that this is essentially a dead project, so who knows what’s really up behind the scenes?