When I saw Crazy for the Storm being sold at a bunch of different Starbucks here in LA I knew the book was destined for the silver screen. And sure enough, the memoir has been optioned by Warner Bros with Will Fetter, the guy who wrote the (latest) remake of A Star Is Born, adapting.

The book is the story of 11 year old Norman Ollestad’s fight for survival when a plane he was on with his father and his father’s girlfriend went down in California’s San Gabriel Mountains. Ollestad’s father was a surfer and skiier – a real extreme sports dude – and the lessons he imparted to his son apparently helped the kid survive as he made his way down the side of the mountain, alone.

Crazy for the Storm has been a major bestseller, proving that the best path to success is tragedy. Your problem is that you have no problems.

via The Hollywood Reporter