Radical tat, guy! I think I saw that one on Vice Magazine’s Dos and Don’ts, right next to a picture of a topless coke slut passed out in the toilet at Lit!

That tattoo marks Colin Farrell as a tough Russian POW in The Way Back, Peter Weir’s new film, based on The Long Walk, a memoir by Slawomir Rawicz (you may not be able to tell, but he’s Polish). Rawicz’s book tells how he and six other prisoners escaped the Nazi gulag near the Arctic Circle and walked all the way to India. Bonus: in the book he writes about spotting Yetis! (Will Weir have the balls to include the Sasquatch in his movie?)

The image is one of the first I have seen from the film; for another – featuring a grizzled Ed Harris – click here. Thanks to Ben for the heads up.

One thing about the memoir, though: a BBC investigation in 2006 indicates that it’s all made up.