The new incarnation of Francis Ford Coppola – the indie movie guy turning out tiny films for tiny budgets (and any profit?) – is a real world traveler. He shot Youth Without Youth mainly in Romania, and Tetro was shot in Argentina. Now it seems that the Italian-American genius is turning his attention to Turkey.

Coppola is in Turkey looking at possible locations for his next film. He’s doing ten days of location scouting, and he’s holding a press conference on Monday. Now, Coppola’s being coy about it all and not saying what the exact purpose of his trip is, but I imagine he’s just playing a little hardball with the local authorities, trying to get them to make great offers to him.

Youth Without Youth shot Romania for various European locations, but Tetro used Argentina for Argentina. So if Coppola is looking at Turkey, does it mean he has a Turkish story to tell? I have to imagine that’s the case, as I’m sure there are plenty of cheap places to shoot that are more convenient. But I guess this also means On the Road won’t be Coppola’s next.

The full details (in Turkish!) can be found here. Thanks to Ali Arikin for the heads up and translation.