I wasn’t a big fan of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (read my review here), but I was a big fan of Lily Cole, who plays Parnassus’ young daughter in the film. The model, who has the features of the most exotic and sexy extraterrestrial you could ever hope to have probe you, has a scene where she is dressed pretty much as you see her dressed in the poster above, and that was, obviously, my favorite scene in the movie.

The poster above, from the Dr. Paranassus Support Site via Slashfilm, is a British poster for the film and it is pretty awesome. Busy as hell but eye catching and filled with little hints and moments from the film, this poster is sure to be a collector’s item for those who take the opposite approach to this movie than yours truly. But hell, this poster is so cool I’d probably hang it on my wall. I just wouldn’t own the movie on Blu-Ray.