We’re never going to see the kind of tough guy character-based action movies they made in the 70s (check out the awesome Walter Matthau film Charley Varick for a great example), but at least not every movie these days is a huge explodothon, either. I’m glad to see the reemergence of meat and potato action movies that don’t rely totally on insane stunts and over the top situations. And it loks like Edge of Darkness is one of those movies.

The trailer below starts off looking like a Taken riff and then gets progressively more interesting. I think you can tell the whole story from this trailer, which sucks, but kudos to the folks who edited this in such a way that it feels like a mini-narrative all its own.

Martin Campbell is directing this, which is a remake of the British miniseries he directed back in 1985. While this version has Mel Gibson, the original featured Joe Don Baker. Advantage: 1985. The original is also listed on Wikipedia as ‘science fiction…’ I’m curious if that holds true for the new version.

In the meantime, enjoy Mel Gibson invoking Jesus as a threat in the trailer below.

Thanks to the always-reliable Brian Henne for sending us this.