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10/14 – So THAT’S where all the newborn astronauts went!

Photo by Andrew Sweeney.

Well I’m very glad the infant space is no longer filled, because that’s gross. And NOT sexy.

Or, is this viral marketing for the local baby brothel*?

Or have they indeed put the finishing touches on Infant Space, a cold void of interstellar cosmos and nebulae and shit patrolled by little pink human beings exclusively? I’ve often longed for our younger variants to have their own version of space but never thought the funding would be there for such an endeavor. Then again, why do those little jackasses deserve their own space? They’re born, are constantly catered to, get to second base like five times a day [sure it’s incest but whatever], and get to shit at will. Plus, our space is gigantic. Infinite some would say. There’s room for kids in space.

But yeah, I think that’s what the sign means. They’ve finally built an outer space for children.

A Dumb a Day message board thread.

*Baby Brothel is a fucking great HALO name.