Monday night, as I walked with a few coworkers, I came across the strange sight of Justin Long and Alexis Bledel standing by one of my university’s dorms, map of Savannah in hand. The two actually flagged my group down and asked us about restaurants in the area and, naturally, during our five minute conversation a passerby yelled out about Apple products.

With The Conspirator gearing up around town, I had my suspicions that Long’s visit might have been about a little more than a vacation, but was fairly sure he wasn’t on the cast list. That all changed today, as The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Long will be joining James McAvoy and Robin Wright Penn as “a soldier who lost a limb in the Civil War and is McAvoy’s best friend and conscience.”

It’s been interesting to see this film go from announcement to materialization (in my own not-L.A. backyard!) so quickly, considering the development stories of certain other Civil War era biopics. Now that I’m running into stars around town, I guess I should just jump to conclusions so that I can scoop the trades. With this in my mind, I can officially and exclusively announce that Alexis Bledel will be joining the cast of The Conspirator as the gun used to shoot Lincoln. Spread that around.

Redford’s film begins shooting this week and will be in theaters next year.

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