The title Wichita isn’t the most exciting moniker a movie could have. I understand the urge to change your title to something with more pizazz. But.. Knight and Day?

That sounds like the name of an 80s detective show. John Knight works with Cynthia Day to solve crimes… and possibly their own sexual tension! Or maybe this: a time warp sends Sir Gawain into the 20th century, where he becomes a cop and gets teamed with Morris Day, who knows a thing or two about Time. Together they’re Knight and Day!

But this movie has nothing to do with knights or The Time. Rather its’ a Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz vehicle written and directed by James Mangold (with a script assist by Scott Frank). There must be more to the plot than this Variety synopsis:

Cruise plays a man of mystery who links up with Diaz. They become
fugitives, there are betrayals and shifting alliances all around them,
and they must figure out whether to be guided by truth or trust.

Right? Fugitives from who? Truth about what? Links up how?

But the biggest mystery of all: who decided this should be called Knight and Day?

*** That’s Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’Day and Suge Knight. GET IT?!?!