As Jolie comes off of Salt, an action thriller directed by Phillip Noyce, she may just be hopping back into the thriller game to replace the departing Charlize Theron on Tourist. The film follows an American tourist drafted by Interpol to help capture her ex, who happens to be an internationally wanted man. The globe-trotting thriller currently lacks a director- Bharat Nalluri split from the project last week.

Ironically, Jolie is also hopping from one Tom Cruise-abandoned project to another. Salt is about a CIA operative falsely labeled as a Russian spy, a role originally intended for Cruise. It was rewritten to accommodate Jolie, and now has her protecting her husband as she fights to exonerate herself. On Tourist, Cruise was originally meant to play opposite Theron, but has since been replaced by Sam Worthington, coming off of Clash of the Titans.

Save for a little B-list Resident Evil action, Angelina’s going to have a monopoly on the high-power female thriller market next year. We could use a few more convincing action heroines, but I’m not holding my breath when Hollywood can’t even effectively utilize its intensely athletic male stars.

Oh well, thank God that Sucker Punch is coming.

Source | THR

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