Warning # 1: By reading this, you might die of chronic boredom.
Warning # 2: It will be infested with spoilers.
Warning # 3: My stupid opinions are just that – stupid opinions. If at any point they seem patronizing, then… what? They are stupid opinions. Just ignore them and move on.
Warning #4: Yes, I copied the warnings from Audiovisual Summer of Doom because I was too lazy to write new warnings.

Am I the only CHUD.com regular who watches So You Think You Can Dance? At times it seems that way. Whatever.

SYTYCD season 6 is on its third performance week and despite a few complaints, I am absolutely loving it an I’ve found it vastly better than season 5 (the season that almost made me want to permanently stop watching this wonderful show).

The reasons why I thought season 5 was like a black hole have nothing to do with the dancers. They were all brilliant, but:

1. Season 5 lacked variety, not only in the styles assigned to the dancers, but also in the styles being represented by the dancers. I think it was 2 salsa dancers, one ballerina, one ballroom dancer, and the rest were contemporary dancers. Monotonous!

2. Aside from salsa dancer Janette (my favorite), there were no surprises. They were all technically so good -particularly the top 10- that there seemed to be no room for growth, everybody got in Mary Murphy’s hot tamale train almost indiscriminately, and after a few weeks it got kind of boring.

3. The finale was set in the Kodak Theater, which gave the big honchos the idea for the new stage.

Yes, let’s talk about the new stage for a minute.

Old stage…

New stage.

It seems only the producers like the new stage. I think it has its pros and cons, but I prefer the old stage. I love the the new stage’s giant back screen. I think it adds a lot to the performances. Also, the lighting is much better now. But the new stage is a bloody cave! It completely isolates the studio audience and it limits camera angles and coverage.

But enough bitching. Aside from the stage, season six has some great improvements:

1. Finally we’re getting some variety. The season has dancers representing hip hop, jazz, contemporary, ballroom and tap (sadly, all tappers have already been eliminated). And the inclusion of SYTYCD Canada choreographers has also provided variety to the show. We finally got Afro Jazz. Producers: How about some Dancehall, Capoeira and House?

2. Only 3 dancers have made it to the hot tamale train. Good on you, Mary!

3. The addition of Adam Shankman as a permanent judge. His comments are always very insightful and even if the dancers do well, he gives advice to advance their growth.

4. There are wonderful surprises this season.

Season six recruited the first Krumper and first Tappers in the history of the show… Actually, SYTYCD Canada was the first to have a Krumper (female!) and a Tapper (The wonderful Everett, he was top 4), but it is the first time for the US version, so I guess it is a valid statement.

But the biggest surprises have come from 4 dancers. Russell the Krumper who seems to be able dance anything (though he’s had some serious bad luck picking routines). Ashleigh, the ballroom dancer who made it to the top 20 because another dancer dropped off at the last minute, has been absolutely fantastic so far. And my two favorites, the couple I’m officially pimping this season:

Kathryn and Legacy. Kathryn is a fairy. Legacy is half feline, and based on the top 16 performance, he also defies gravity.  Heehee…silly me!

Kathryn was basically invisible as a dancer (yet another contemporary dancer…) and was hated for her high pitch voice when she cries. And despite being an incredible bboy, Legacy did kind of bad during Vegas week. It seems to me these two where put together because they were the most likely to leave early in the season and they didn’t even compute in my mind until their first performance, a hip hop that changed many people’s minds, including mine.


 And from then on, they’ve killed every routine.

Voting for the underdog because he (or she) is the underdog is as pathetic as voting for someone because he (or she) is pretty. But, in the case of this type of competitions, when the underdog proves everybody wrong and delivers is when magic happens. And Kathryn and Legacy have delivered big time.

They get to dance a Paso Doble next week. Yikes! If they kill it, they’ll get some serious momentum. Hopefully they’ll do well.

So yeah, I’m pimping Kathryn and Legacy. I’m pimping them hardcore! And if any kind soul can spare some votes for them on my behalf, I’ll be eternally grateful, for I’m in Colombia and I can’t vote.

Speaking of Colombia, Legacy is Colombian! I must admit that I’m the least patriotic Colombian ever, but when I read that he’s Colombian, I was like “Yeah!”, fist in the air and all.

Until next time… Vote for Kathryn and Legacy!