The trailer for Toy Story 3 has officially hit the web at MySpace and it offers an intriguing look into the life of Andy, the boy who owns the toys whose adventures we’ve enjoyed the past decade. In fact, I learned three things from it:

1) Andy is probably OCD in some way. His toys are in absolutely perfect condition. While they have been left in a locker as Andy grows up (and hey, Pixar, thanks for making me feel really old by having the kid from the first movie going away to college now), the toys seem to have been regularly cleaned and maintenanced.

2) Andy had no friends. We see snippets of Andy’s life through his mother’s camcorder, and never once does there appear to be another non-family human in the picture. The only friends Andy has are the toys. It’s highly likely that college-bound Andy writes slashfic, cries at commercials, jerks off to hentai he finds on 4chan and gets into long internet flame wars about his favorite cartoons.

3) Andy is gay. I can’t actually pinpoint a specific thing in the trailer that tells me he’s gay, but my gaydar went off like a siren when his older face first appeared on screen. Maybe it’s his well-scultped eyebrows. Also, he has a pin marking Thailand on the world map over his bed, indicating a strong interest in ladyboys.