Maybe the future of the X-Men isn’t as devoid of Bryan Singer as we all once thought. The filmmaker, who left the third X-Men film in the hands of Brett Ratner to make the only movie that could land the Man of Steel in development hell, has apparently been thinking about returning to Marvel’s merry mutants. Talking to the Hollywood Reporter, Singer said “I’m still looking to possibly returning to the ‘X-Men’ franchise.
I’ve been talking to Fox about it.”

I give Bryan Singer a hard time, but I’d love to see him return to the X-Men franchise, if only to give the currently prequel-happy series some direction. It’s hard to believe that a series as popular as this has been floundering so badly at Fox for the last couple of years.

But what would Singer come back to do? Would he take the helm of X-Men: First Class, the prequel featuring lil versions of the classic X-Men? Would he step in for Gavin Hood on Wolverine 2, which I can’t even believe the Oscar-winning director is considering doing after how he was batted about by Fox on the first one? Or would he just take control and give us X-Men 4, finally moving the series ahead with new villains and new directions?