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10/12 – The Sign from LA Story finally found a mate.

Photo by Piet Beerends.

The child’s name: Jumpin’ Jack Flash. Because he is a gas gas gas.

They have been running these commercials over here that emphasize small businesses and how everyone knows each others’ name and how these shopkeepers know each facet of their customer’s lives. I know this kind of relationship exists, but am glad I don’t have a lot of those because it becomes increasingly harder to mask the fact I fuck animals A LOT and have been known to drive a battered ice cream truck in the ghetto while sporting a massive erection. Anyhow, the arrival time and weight of a child (who isn’t named, just sexed on the sign) is probably not of interest to most who drive past the gas station. They should have just put ‘The Missus spread and for a change something thrusted OUT’ or ‘Survival happened’, or ‘Larry Cohen, give us a call’.

Plus, most of the people I know who run gas stations are the precise people who SHOULD. NOT. BREED.

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