If you haven’t been lucky enough to check out the Toy Story 3D Double Feature (and I as yet, have not), then you might just be waiting with excitement for the trailer for next summer’s Toy Story 3 to hit online. Naturally there are sites (including some good ones) that don’t give a shit and are running bootlegs or illegitimate leaks of the trailer, but I fail to see how watching a low-res messy smear of pixels that resemble Pixar characters is really worth your time.

These are movies with hundreds of thousands of man hours from the most talented visual artists in the world behind them, so I’m not sure YouTube really cuts it. You owe it to yourself to watch the trailer in a theater, or wait and see it in gorgeous HD on Monday (at Noon, eastern time). Why a Pixar trailer is premiering on MySpace and not Apple Trailers I don’t know, but you will indeed be able to catch it on MySpace first.

You don’t have to wait till Monday for a taste of Pixar’s action though! MySpace and
/Film have both gotten character poster to share with the world. At this point, a Toy Story poster doesn’t have to work very hard, but these are classy and effective.

UPDATED: Add ComingSoon.net, Yahoo, Moviefon to the list of site’s with poster exclusives, as we add Jessie, Buzz, and Woody to the lineup. More might emerge, so stay tuned!



The film will be released in 3D on June 18th, 2010 and follows the gang as a teen aged Andy gives them up to a daycare center, where the children give them… a rough time. I’m wondering how much like a prison the daycare center is going to be though, because not only is Hamm’s junk peeking out, he’s definitely being penetrated by that 3 (and now we have Jessie fingering the 3).

Click over to MySpace and /Film to see the full-res posters, and we’ll be sure to update you when the trailer is live on Monday.

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