I feel the need to paraphrase Rosco Coltrane: “Good news, good news!”

According to EW’s Michael Ausiello:

1. Due to flagging ratings and dying shows, NBC may move up the season premiere of Chuck from March 2010.  To like, the friggin’ end of this month.

2. The earlier bow could conceivably up the chances of NBC ordering more episodes.  If the show does well, that could significantly conceivably up the chances of NBC ordering more episodes.

3. Diminished expectations across the NBC slate means that the show doesn’t have to do great, but merely good to make Item #2 a reality.

4.  Finally, people who have seen the first four episodes say this is the best season yet.

And according to me:

This possibility goddamn rules.  A five month jump on Chuck?  And perhaps a full season rather than some 13-episode bullshit?  Hell yes, I’ll sop that gravy up with biscuits in a heartbeat.   I believe this calls for a pic of Ms. Strahovski semi-nude:

Thanks to Jamie for the tip