There was a lot that went wrong with Ghostbusters II, but one of the biggest problems the film had was that it was almost a remake of the first movie. The decision to open with the Ghostbusters laid low so that they could once again be underdogs was a poor, poor choice, and it hobbles the whole picture.

So of course Ghostbusters 3 is doing the same thing, at least according to Bloody Disgusting. The main hook for their latest Ghostbusters story is that Ivan Reitman is 100% confirmed to be somehow involved with the new film, whether it be as a producer or a director, but I don’t really find that newsworthy. Here’s the news:

Apparently, the sequel takes
place when the paranormal researchers “reopen” their ghost removal
service after it has been closed for quite a few years.

Ugh! This is the wrong place to start! The new film needs to begin with the Ghostbusters as a continuing business, not getting in from the ground level for the third time. As far as I’m concerned this means that Ghostbusters 3 is going to be nothing more than yet another remake of the third film and that The Office writers Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg are going to be Year One-ing this film – ie, making it terrible. Let’s hope that I’m just overreacting to early and erroneous information. I’d love to offer an official apology to all involved if Ghostbusters 3 actually moves the concept and characters forward in new, unique and fun ways.