How much do you want to bet that Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman won’t be taking as many business trips to the set of their newest project as they can?  See, the Transformers / Star Trek / Fringe / Viewmaster guys have also just landed the proposed remake of Hawaii Five-O for CBS, says  The Eye has just given the greenlight for a pilot order for the ’70s cop show in paradise for them and CSI producer Peter Linkov.  Bob and Alex will handle the story, and Linkov will tackle the actual teleplay.  All three will be exec prods.  This follows an aborted attempt to kick start the thing with Criminal Minds exec producer Ed Bernero last year.

I honestly don’t know how these guys are sleeping right now.  Their upcoming slate on IMDB runs somewhere into War And Peace territory on length.  I’m surprised someone hasn’t filed an anti-trust action against them at this point.  So I’m sure that when they feel the need to get away from all the craziness, they can just expense their next working vacation at the Eye’s expense. 

As for the project itself, I’m old enough to remember the original run of the show, but I didn’t watch it, so I have no feelings on the remake.