Looks like a Michael Jackson concert can still sell tickets, even if MJ himself won’t be around to perform.  Today, China has given the green light to add This Is It, the concert doco about Jacko’s last rehearsals for his series of comeback London concerts that he didn’t live to deliver.  This means that the film will add 1.3 billion potential audience members to its day and date worldwide release.  The film will premiere on Oct. 28th.

This Is It was directed by longtime Jackson collaborator Kenny Ortega and was culled from hundreds of hours of rehearsal footage.  The Chinese have stated that they plan to release 500 35mm prints and as many as 1,200 digital copies of the film to maximize exposure.  This is something of a minor coup considering that China only allows 20 film imports every year.  Somewhere, Joe Jackson’s devious little mind is thinking up a Chinese food angle, I’m sure.

via Variety