3D is a gimmick. You know this to be true. I have had so many people compliment the ‘subtle’ 3D work in movies by saying ‘You don’t even realize it’s in 3D!’ So what’s the point of having it be in 3D? You can definitely realize when a movie is in color or in sound.

Since 3D is a gimmick, I am happy when 3D filmmakers embrace the gimmickiness. Neil Marshall is doing that with his next film, Burst, which will be in 3D and will feature people who die by spontaneous combustion. As a child of the 80s I know that people exploding in 3D is a delight unlike any other (check out Treasure of the Four Crowns if you don’t believe me, but only check it out in a theater. Doesn’t work so well at home).

The full logline is as follows, via Variety:

A group of stranded travelers meet during a blizzard and get stalked by
a malevolent force that makes people spontaneously combust.

Sam Raimi’s Ghost House is producing. A spook-a-blast! The script is written by handsome man Gary Dauberman, and may be influenced or inspired by the Dyatlov Pass Incident (click here to read. You’ll be happy you did).

Marshall is just finishing up Centurion, his Romans-getting-killed-by-primitive-Britons movie starring Michael Fassbender.