People who complained about how Platinum Dunes handled their Texas Chainsaw Massacre films, prepare to feel real pain: Twisted Pictures is taking over the franchise. Yes, the Twisted Pictures that makes the Saw movies.

The company is looking to update Leatherface and his clan to the 21st century, unlike Platinum Dunes’ period pieces, and they want to make a 3D Chainsaw. The script will be written by Stephen Susco, who wrote The Grudge. Unlike Platinum Dunes’ picture-by-picture deal with rights holders Bob Kuhn and Kim Henkel, Twisted would get a multiple picture deal.

Hey, maybe Twisted will surprise me and do something good with the franchise. I strongly suspect they won’t, and that we’re going to get a movie that is truly horrifying… in all the wrong ways. I’m bummed that Platinum Dunes lost the rights; even though I didn’t much care for the prequel they made, I thought their first Chainsaw was a really, really good reimagining, and one that was filled with respect.

Here’s the really scary question: how long before there’s a Chainsaw/Saw cross over?

via Variety.