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10/09 – “I was jogging and I fell down on Hiscock and hurt my bottom.”

Photo by Dan Wojciak.

There’s a fine line between Hiscock and Fountain. One dispenses nutrients and the other dispenses nut reunion.

I wonder what the real estate market is like on Hiscock. You have to wonder if it affects the buying situation…

“I love the house. It’s everything I have dreamed for all my life. But the name of the street…”

“I understand your trepidation, but did you see the back yard?”

“It’s so good I thought for a minute it was supernatural. Like, as if a Necromancer built it in a lucid dream.”

“Ahhhh, so you read the Re/Max listing.”

“Do you have anything similar on Poplar Ave? On Maple Drive?”

“I’m sorry, the best spot in town is on Hiscock.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll have to pass. I can’t have something so embarrassing as my return address.”

“Sorry it didn’t work out. Call me if you change your mind, Mr. Faggotcookies.”

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