I’ve been gone for a while, but there’s a good reason behind my absence. I’d like to share it here because apparently it is not a bad thing to publically pimp one’s special achievements.

A little background first: In one of my first blog entries for CHUD.com, I mentioned something about my very first job as an editor being the beginning of the end of my film career. And it was, not only because of the magnificent amount of contacts I lost, but also because of what it did to my mind (basically, that failure turned my brain into a prune). Needless to say, the depression that followed was deep and long and not fun at all.

Anyway, part of the perks I was going to receive from that first job, aside from simply being employed, was the promise of further Avid training in order to hopefully get Avid certification. That was about 4 years ago.

In case you don’t know, and despite what Avid advertizes, being an Avid Certified Editor or User guarantees NOTHING. Well, it lets potential employers know you can really use the editing system, but it doesn’t make you a better editor, or more creative, and it definitely doesn’t guarantee you’ll permanently exit the vast wasteland that is unemployment/freelancing/part-time soul crushing employment.

But at the beginning of this year I thought I should try to get my Avid certification, just to prove myself that I could.

So I made myself absent from CHUD.com and life in general to prepare for the dreaded exam. I took that exam this Friday. I was aiming for an 80% passing score, nothing more.

Fortunately I got a much higher score. So yeah, I’m officially an Avid Certified whatever, or at least I will be as soon as I get the certificate. It feels good to know that I wasn’t completely idiotized by my very first job.

And the thought of one day facing my former evil employer, shoving my certificate on his face and yelling “EAT THAT BITCH” = Priceless.

So now it is time to figure out what to do next, make two kimono jackets, read a bit more, write a hell of a lot more, make the District 9 t-shirts I promised some nice people I’d make , get fit, and reconnect.

This week I’ll bug those who care with two installments of Autumn Detritus, one dedicated to dissecting the new V, and one dedicated to the 6th season of So You Think You Can Dance. After that, I’ll go back to regular Autumn Detritus reviewing.

Thanks for reading. I missed the CHUD blogging!!

Until next time… Live Long and Prosper