If you’re one of the right-minded CHUD readers you’ve already seen Duncan Jones’ Moon, and you already know that he’s the real deal when it comes to first time feature filmmakers. And you are probably already drooling for his next film, Mute, set in a near-future Berlin.

Well, I have some bad news for you: Mute may not be coming as soon as we all thought. According to Australia’s The Age (via io9), Mute is ‘mired in financing
But this doesn’t phase Jones, apparently, who thinks it’s a sign he’s doing something right.

”Every problem,” he points out like a scientist happily
positing a theorem, ”is proof that we’re planning a movie very
different from the norm.”

Of course the norm is getting even more narrow these days as the recession slams into the film business in a big way. Hopefully Jones will find a way to beat the current climate and get his second feature off the ground soon.

For those of you in Australia – the movie is open now! Go see it! You’re the last territory to get it, I think, so do us all proud and send Moon off strong.