Christopher “Severance” Smith’s latest film Triangle is about to hit theaters- excuse me, cinemas- next week in the UK.

The film’s about a girl who sets sail on a yacht with some friends and can’t help but feel that something is wrong. She was right, of course. During a perfect storm their ship capsizes and they manage to board a cruise ship that appears empty. But of course, it’s not- and they end up with a masked Friday the 13th Part 2-looking villain chasing them down.

To promote the film they’ve released this strange Youtube game that’s in the vein of those great old Choose Your Own Adventure books. It’s a bit skimpier on options than you’d hope and looks like it spoils a great deal of the film (really, that can’t be the ending, right?) but it’s a fun little experiment. I wish more companies would try things like this… perhaps shooting footage that doesn’t end up in the final film to throw people off.