Nimrod Antal’s Predator continues to gear up and accumulate cast members, some surprising, some not. Danny Trejo’s involvement moved from rumor, to assumption, to confirmed role in a couple of days, though it was a fair bet the mexichest would be making an appearance in any project that Rodriguez is behind. Adrian Brody being cast as the the mercenary leader at the center of the film though, wasn’t something many saw coming.

Hollywood Reporter has a full rundown of the various characters in the crew of dudes and ladies to be hunted in the Predator reboot, including “an account-type whose unassuming facade masks a dangerous serial killer,” that is apparently being given to Topher Grace. Thing is, I can buy Brody kicking ass, but I just don’t see Topher successfully pulling off a Con Air Buscemi.

Along with Brody, (possibly) Grace, and Trejo, Oleg Taktarov (see him here, the smaller guy), Alice Braga of I Am Legend fame, Walt Goggins of The Shield, and Mahershalalhashbaz Ali (fuck of a name, Mahershalalhashbaz) will be gored up real good in the jungle.

This bitch kicks off shooting in November (first Hawaii, then Rodriguez’s backyard), so it shouldn’t be long before we see some concrete images from Fox’s next great franchise hope.

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