Black Dynamite is a lot of fun. A LOT OF FUN.

I sat down for a half hour with the film’s star and director this past Monday and will be running that interview next week, but in the meantime you need to get your ass in gear to see the film yourself. Especially if you live in Atlanta.

First, play with the Black Dynamite soundboard. It doesn’t have my favorite line from the movie, but it has plenty of great ones. The film is a homage/love note to the blacksploitation films we all know and love (my cat’s name is Dolemite for God’s sake) done with a very acute sense of what works and what doesn’t. It’s not a spoof but rather a quotable, funny, and entertaining movie to see with a whole group of friends and other people who aren’t too full of themselves to have a good time.

Michael Jai White… well you’ll fall in love with him if you hadn’t already.

Fuck it, just click the link Atlanta people. This isn’t a film you’ll get your parents to see but like The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, it’s a very fun movie done on the sly (though with much more value than that flick) with its heart and creativity in the right place and the result is a movie that’ll have you grinnin’.