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10/06 – Strawberry Strawberry is the neighborhood ‘ho.

Photo by Brad Bishop.

This explains a lot. Another American secret buried away in the vaults about our own sordid past on the battlefield, and evidence that supports the British claims that the Colonial Army was a bunch of fruity misfits. Erased from nearly every textbook is what Ben Franklin called “The Berry Factor” in the die-cut, foil-embossed variant issues of Poor Richard’s Almanack. THE TRUTH.

Yes, we went to war dressed as strawberries. It was our war garb. We weren’t proud of it. Which in a way is inspiring both due to the audacity of it and the fact that it’s not easy to make such vivid dress without skills and/or witchcraft. That fact that we’ve survived as a nation able to hide the truth about our tart clothing of the past and succeed despite the fact makes me proud to be an American.

Either that or Target.com fucked up with their pictures on their site but I think it’s that we dressed as strawberries during a dark corridor of American history. We were free and we were proud to have our own land. No one was to stop us from dressing as delicious things.

Note: This is the DELUXE version of the costume. It comes with a musket and buckshot (not pictured).

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