While the success of Taken may have proven Liam Neeson is a legitimately bankable action star, the man has always been a badass. He can handle comic book villains, War-Priesting cameos, and giant fucking lions, all while being one of the few worthwhile and appropriately iconic parts of a failed trilogy. To be completely honest, daughter-saving is kind of a minor skill in the repertoire of Mr. Neeson. No worries, he’s currently returning to full form as Zeus, master of the gods before morphing into a convict too cool to be held by prison. He’s also tossing a turn as Hannibal Smith in the middle.

We’ve known that Neeson was playing Zeus in the upcoming Clash Of The Titans for some time, but now we can see him in his full thunder-littering glory. Entertainment Weekly has the two pictures (First Pic and Second Pic), along with a batch of other from upcoming blockbusters (Iron Man 2, Nine, etc).

Also breaking today is the news that Neeson will be appearing in Paul Haggis’ The Next Three Days in a role described by Variety as “an ex-con and expert on prison escapes…” Neeson will be lending a helpful jail-breaking hand to Russell Crowe as he attempts to break his (wrongfully?) jailed wife out of prison, where she is locked up for murder.

The film, written by Haggis, is an adaptation of Pour Elle, a french thriller from 2008. No bitter Crash jokes today.

UPDATED: For even more new photographic Clash of the Titans goodness, check out Empire’s Exclusive set. (Thanks Travis!)

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