It’s Capa, not Capra. That’s an important distinction, as Michael Mann is looking to make a movie about one and not the other. The one he’s making a movie about is Robert Capa, famous war photographer, whose career took off in the Spanish Civil War and saw him landing at Normandy to take pictures of D-Day.

Mann won’t be doing a biopic, though – he’ll be adapting a novel about Capa, Waiting for Robert Capa. The novel focuses on the two year affair between Capa and photographer Gerda Taro, the first frontline female photographer. Taro was killed in 1937.

The adaptation of the Spanish language novel will be penned by Jez Butterworth, who may or may not be the heir to a syrup fortune. He definitely is a playwright, as his play Jerusalem is what attracted Mann to him. The picture is set up at Columbia. Here’s hoping it’s better than Public Enemies!

via Variety