Frosty at Collider talked to David Goyer last week; ostensibly it was for the new TV show Flash Forward, but this being Steve he got in questions about other projects, most notably Ghost Rider 2. I don’t know if this got reported on the site while I was away, but Sony is moving forward with a sequel to the horrible Nic Cage movie, and they’ve got a script from David Goyer, who is very much Hollywood’s go-to guy when it comes to superhero scripts. But what’s the story with Goyer’s script?

Well, it’s NINE YEARS OLD. Sony has had it sitting around for most of the past decade and are now dusting it off to make a sequel/reboot from it. The only changes, Goyer claims, is that the script is being softened from an R to a PG-13. For that he gets a paycheck and a producing credit.

Maybe this is a great script. Maybe it was just nine years ahead of its time. But maybe not. I’m not wild about the idea of Sony taking this script, taking out any edge and then foisting it upon us as a film. Then again, it can’t be any worse than the original.