This past week Alexander Skarsgard came to Austin, Texas for Fantastic Fest to show his movie Metropia. I’m not a True Blood guy, so I didn’t know much about him, but after meeting the dude I understood why he was up for the lead role in Thor. My man is GIANT. He also like to hang out – Skarsgard chilled with us at the Highball until very, very late at night.

While Alex didn’t get into the movie, his dad did, according to Dark Horizons. The role is under wraps, so no snarky commentary from me, but apparently Skarsgard isn’t just drinking the Marvel Kool-Aid. He insisted on reading the script before taking the role, which probably means most of the people in the movie right now never saw anything beyond their own audition sides.

We’re a long way out from Thor – it isn’t released until 2011! – but it’s hard to not be excited.