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10/05 – I spent $15 for Rabies, wonder if I kept my receipt…

Photo by Jeff Crosby.

“How are you spending Friday night, Salvatore?”

“Whenever you ask this question I know my answer
won’t compare to what you got in mind

“So true. Last week you thought you were seeing
a motion picture, but how did I save the day?”

“You convinced me to go on the road through that
Jewish community with you as door-to-door mohelim

“How WERE you planning to spend this Friday?”

“Happy Hour at Lil’ Bo Peen’s Pub & Steak Shack.”

“Yeah. That ain’t gonna work.”

“Let’s hear your plan, Mr. Party All The Time.”

“We’re going to go to a church and pay to get Rabies. For $10.”

THE Rabies?

“At least one Rabie each. At that bargain rate. Administered at a church by a doctor.”

“Your perfect Friday night track record remains intact. Fucking Rabies! I cannot wait!

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