As most of you know, Troy Nixey is a filmmaker and reader with whom I am making a movie with. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark is a Miramax film written by and executive produced by one Guillermo del Toro, a remake of a seminal 70’s TV horror flick and it stars Katie Holmes, Guy Pearce, and Bailee Madison. Look for it in theaters all around the world next year.

The reason I brought Troy to Guillermo’s attention? Latchkey’s Lament (which I teased here over two years ago).

Years ago when I first met Troy he was a comic book artist (and a damn good one) and had begun tinkering with this short film idea. I saw some footage and knew there was the seed for something special. Over the next couple of years it grew and I was always on Troy making sure he was keeping on it. As we became better friends I saw a real filmmaking force emerge. The results of which speak for themselves. The plot of the short:

LATCHKEY’S LAMENT employs a blend of CGI animation and live action to
tell a tale of love and heroism. Mr. And Mrs. Key are snatched from
their home late one evening by the insidious Keyfiend and taken back to
his monolithic factory. There Mr. Key witnesses the demise of his wife
at the hands of the Keyfiend. Mister Key must then escape the
Keyfiend’s clutches if he is to survive and avenge the spirit of his

Now, the film has made its way to YouTube. And you can finally see it. I hope you love it as much as I did. It’s proof that if you bust ass and have the skills… you will be found*.

Now watch it, and dig the pic of Troy I took on set while you’re at it!

Hope you dig it.

* – And I’m looking for my next filmmaking discovery right now!