Roland Emmerich’s new film The Independence Day After 2012 sure has lots of destruction! Bet you didn’t see that one coming!

A five minute clip from the film has just popped up on Fancast and it’s about as ridiculous as you’d expect. Some truly stunning effects don’t hide the fact that once again no one feels in danger and you feel removed from all the events going on. I absolutely love how when the world is ending people still concern themselves with traffic conditions and look mildly perturbed instead of just screaming constantly and shitting themselves. Also, how people have to be reminded that there is destruction going on and that they should hurry up and get out of the danger. Ahhh, Emmerich.


Think what you will of Independence Day but
they at least tried to put a human face to the disasters, with all the
reaction shots of people getting pummeled by explosions. Part of the reason that The Day After Tomorrow was such a crap film was this distance from the events, this grand scope of entire cities getting flooded with nothing to make you care about it. It doesn’t seem as if anything has changed…. except perhaps the level of CGI work.

Still, that’s some badass destruction.